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Talking Together

Talking Together
Inspiring conversations for older adults 2023
Autumn 2023 series: 23 October - 30 November

Please join us this Autumn for our new series of Talking Together, COPE’s free programme of telephone conversations.  Our topics this season include ground-breaking research in health and vaccines, redesigning our homes to suit our needs as we age, art in Cambridge and a wonderful opportunity to discuss and visit the Wimpole Estate.  Full details of the groups and how to register are below.

Walking through Wimpole
Monday 1.15pm 23, 30 October TWO WEEKS
Marian French
Please note the outing to the Wimpole Estate is open only to those who participate in both discussion sessions.
When visiting a site, it can be a great help to look at the surrounding area so that you can understand the context of the history of the people who lived nearby.  In these two sessions we will identify the villages within a 10-mile circumference of Wimpole Hall, from its early history to the present day, and identify the geography of the surrounding area.  

Understanding disease, developing vaccines
Monday 2.15pm 23, 30 October, 6, 13, 20, 27 November SIX WEEKS
Dr Anne Bishop, Wellcome Sanger Institute
Join researcher Dr Anne Bishop to discover different types of infectious diseases and the challenges of developing medicine to treat them; learn how good bacteria can become bad bacteria and about the importance of disease surveillance, including Anne’s research in Bangladesh testing an anti-cholera vaccine. The group will look at the impact that infectious diseases may have had upon participants personally.

Look and Imagine with the Fitzwilliam Museum
Monday 3.15pm 23, 30 October, 6, 13, 20 November FIVE WEEKS
Ruth Clarke
An exploration of six popular artworks from the Museum’s collection. We will take time to look at each painting, share insights and ideas and learn together. Each session will be accompanied by a handout containing creative activities and a link to guided film for each of the artworks explored.

Kettle's Yard – modern art in Cambridge
Monday 4.15pm 23, 30 October, 6, 13, 20, 27 November SIX WEEKS
Shirley-Ann McAndrew
Join staff from Kettle's Yard, the home of modern art in Cambridge and discover more about the collection and the extraordinary couple, the Edes, who placed their art, alongside the beauty of nature and light, centrally in their daily lives. The collection includes many noted modernists including Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore as well as artists who may be new to you including Christopher Wood and Winifred Nicholson.

Discoveries for better health
Thursday 2.15pm 26 October, 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 November SIX WEEKS
Researchers from the MRC Toxicology Unit
Our mission at the MRC Toxicology Unit is to improve health by understanding how everything we are exposed to, such as food, medication, or pollution, affects our bodies, and any lasting changes they could have. Chat with our researchers about topics such as chemotherapy, the microbiome, vaccines and more, and discover how we can use this knowledge to make our environment and medicines safer.  

Adapting our living space as we age
Thursday 3.15pm 26 October, 2, 9, 16 November FOUR WEEKS
Abhik Palit (Cambs HIA) and Pippa Cousins (REMAP)
As we grow older, daily tasks might begin to pose a challenge, and many of the things we love to do may begin to seem unachievable. In this series we will discuss how home adaptations, repairs and bespoke equipment can reshape living spaces, to help us live more safely, and with greater freedom. From comfort at home to achieving our dreams, no mountain is too high!

All Talking Together groups are free to join, though registration is required.  To register, please supply your name, phone number and your 1st and 2nd choices of discussion group.
You can register with us in the following ways:
  • Email us at
  • Call us on 01223 364303
  • Write to us at COPE, St Luke’s Community Centre, 152 Victoria Rd, Arbury, Cambridge CB4 3DZ

Registration deadline: Friday 13 October

If you have any questions, please telephone COPE at 01223 364303


Talking Together – your opinions welcome!

We are always interested in gathering COPE members’ opinions and reactions to Talking Together. We would particularly like to hear the views of those who have not yet participated in the series. To gather this information, we sometimes conduct telephone surveys. We hope you will be able to give us a few minutes to share your thoughts about the current programme, as well as possible topics for future discussions.
Funding for Talking Together is provided by Cambridge Community Foundation, Cambridge City Council, The Pye Foundation, The Childwick Trust and The Leys School.
Last updated: 3 October 2023
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